If you purchased on Asset Store one of the products listed below, now you can redeem your Unity invoice and gain access to the related downloads on this website with no charge.

This is the closed beta version 3.0 of Combu Server/Client, please notify us about any issues. Click here for detailed informations about this version. You can read here the change-log of this beta version.

€30,00 – Purchase Excluding 22% tax

Create Forums from Combu administration to allow discussions within your game/application.

€10,00 – Purchase Excluding 22% tax

Receive bug reports, output logs and screenshots within your game through Combu.

€10,00 – Purchase Excluding 22% tax

An easy way to manage player's licenses with subscription plans on Combu.

€10,00 – Purchase Excluding 22% tax

Extend your Unity project with login system, friends/ignored, messages, leaderboards and more.

€40,00 – Purchase Excluding 22% tax